Wednesday 2 July 2014

When Sunny Leone lost all her clothes

Last Night Sunny leone Landed at Mumbai Airport and very cleverly escaping the paparazzi boarded the cab which was already waiting for her from the Riyasat Hotel.As soon as she entered her suite she quickly went to the jakoosi and had a wonderful relaxing bath.

She got out of the shower , he hair were still dripping .wrapped in a white towel she stood by the window feeling the wonderful breeze coming from the beach.She opened up all the curtains , yawned hugely pulled up her Pink pajamas and went to sleep.

The room was huge , pink was the color of the walls , It was 9am and Sunny leone was still sleeping.It was the best sleep she could get  just when the first ray of sunlight made the beauty wake up from her sleep.She rang the laundry guys to pick up the clothes she was wearing yesterday , She was wearing nothing but the towel.

The laundry guys came and took the laundry , the hotel served her green tea ,but she was still in bed.The sunlight was getting heavy on her beautiful pink cheeks ,she slid out of her bed , pulled all the curtains ,shuffled towards the bathroom ,ran a hand in her tangled hair,saw herself in the mirror and turned on the shower,She slouched her shoulders under the steady flow of hot water.She freshened out of the bathroom.

Sunny leone picked up her diary to see what was in store for her today in terms of appointments and found out only one adv shoot at too in the evening.By the time she realized she should get up now must have some breakfast at the ground floor Italian restaurant it was already 10 Am.She opened her wardrobe and shocked to see nothing in it.She called up the reception to see if the hotel boys have still kept her luggage at the reception but alas it was a big mix up , her luggage has been mistakenly sent to someone on the other flight to mexico.

So here she was , wearing nothing but the towel , Well She loved being naked but not always.This was the moment when Sunny Leone lost all her clothes stood naked in the room , cursing the hotel staff and thinking what to do.She looked around thinking what to do , The TV was a big turn off now.She took to the laptop which the hotel guys provided.She pulled up her pajamas again and asked for the breakfast to be served at the room itself.The adv shoot has to be canceled which the organizers obliged to .

Well when the mood is off , go for shopping they say and it gives you immense pleasure.She opened up the internet and surfed through many online shopping websites but suddenly she toppled upon baggout from where she could actually shop from many websites at one place like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Indiatimes Shopping, Yepme, Zovi, Yebhi etc.

Not only that she could actually see and buy clothes show cased at the Lakme fashion Week.With In 15 minutes the shopping cart was ready with 7 new outfits directly from various websites all via baggout.Before she could finalize and pay the amount she came to know that she had already got huge cash back just on a single purchase that too even after being the first time user.And the most important part was that it was all shipped the next day with in 24 hours.The website not only provides the ease of online shopping but provides and entire range of clothing for men and women and it can hardly be ignored.

Well She was happy being naked and in pajamas the whole day but when she got the clothing it was surely a deal worth the wait.She put the little LBD she got from baggout Added a deep red lip, black pumps, simple gold jewelry, and an oversized clutch, and here was was what she does looking as sexy as ever.The adv shoot for the new condom brand went well.She boasted her confidence with her new wardrobe and here she was steaming hot again.

PS : This post has been written as a contest entry for baggout.This post is not to demean any celebrity in any sense.Topic - Choose any interesting personality and write about his/her hypothetical experience of Shopping through Baggout.


  1. There's only one thing worse than losing your life, and that's losing your shoes. Clothes one can do without. -