Tuesday 22 July 2014

Black is Back.

Yeah That's correct many of us like black.But some people like me are actually very fond of this color.Black is beautiful I know but trust my words when I say black is handsome as well ;).Now let me list down 5 black things I desire.

1.A Black Mercedes Benz S class Car : Who wont like to have it , Some people like bikes and some cars , I am one of those who likes both of them but if someone asks me what I desire to have with me it would surely be a car.It would be a dream come true.

2.A Black Nokia Lumia XL phone : I already have a Samsung Smartphone but considering the Nokia;s windows peep into android world I am actually drifting my loyalty towards it.Also the battery life is great.A tech Guy who goes to I.T office will always carry a black phone.Trust me most of the guys will always have a black phone,trust me its all about taste.

3.A Black Diamond : This one is straight out of wishlist,A black diamond ring for my wife on our anniversary.Do I need to say more why I desire it.I know its possible but I guess It will take sometime , but I will buy it one day.

4.Another Black Suit : I know I am not a SRK fan but who does not like another black shining 3 piece for himself with a black bow to go with it.I know its the orthodox fashion statement but trust me a guys best best day are always in a black suit.Secret is I already have quite a few black suits but who does not desire more of it.Its the best thing for official meetings but the bow will be replaced with a tie.

5.Black aviators : No , I don't want to sound like MIB , they don't wear aviators anyways , Its always about weather it suits you or not , It surely does suits me , well My wife says that :P .So My wishlist is again is of having another one of those.I whisper Ray Ban .:P 

I know I would have written about a black iPad to be in line with the contest but I guess then I wont be true to myself then,For sure a black iPad would have been somewhere on the top 10 list.Greedy me.

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com which had the Idea : Many of us love black. We are allured by its dark, sometimes intense, brooding power. But we can never get over its charm. We all have our reasons. “Oh, black makes me look thin!” or “Its my lucky colour!”. Now, let’s not make further excuses & tell the world why you love black!


  1. Black beauties ! all of them.. :-D

  2. Black aviators! I thought you loved wayfarers... but then this is for sure an interesting list.

    Arvind Passey