Wednesday 16 July 2014

Blog Review of Anmol Rawat Blog

As a request on the Get your Blog Review Page I am going to review Anmol rawat's blog who writes on .He is quite an active blogger at various social platforms and blogger communities and takes parts in writing contests and also writes on social issues.The blog is a mix of all these and he adds his personal touch to the blog with his picture which is cool.The blog is quite a dynamic one be it content or be it the outlook.This review is done after one month of silently reading the blog and checking what goes in and out of the blog.The blog has very less interactive widgets which is OK for a dynamic blog. Presents Blog Reviews

1.Content :The content varies from Social issues to Fiction and then to contests but the good thing is that they are properly categorized.The content is good and full of pictures which do not have a caption but they do have alt text.There are lot of write ups which are quite pictorial in the way they are written which becomes the strength of the blog.Overall the content keeps on varying which gives a good taste.There is still a lot of room for more on the word play side.If you can write which free flowing words like a river your writing can touch heights then.all the best for this.

2.Uniqueness:The uniqueness may not be technically correct category to rate this blog in but still the content rules the blog so we can give this a miss.Its not just a dull write up blog its dynamic in theme and dynamic in content which makes it unique.Just keep up the good work with the write ups.

3.Activity: You are quite active as seen from you latest posts and comments , do get that rolling to increase the in depth traffic which will be organic after are doing a good job in being active so keep it up.

4.Appearance:The theme is dynamic and looks good.The picture at the front header is cool and suits the blog.The header also changes the link to the article.The articles are nicely labels and we see different tabs which are nicely categorizes.This is good and is expected out of good blogs.No need of any changes on this 

5.Navigation:Now this is the best part of the blog , also just try to have a about me and contact me tab at the top .Navigation is cool and easy and actually works wonders for your blog.Kudos.

6.Technically : Your blog is not indexed by Bing. Your.Your blog is not indexed by Google and Its hosted on blogger.Not big problems.

To sum it up , your blog deserves 3.5/5 starts which is great.Your content is the king of the blog so just try to continue what you are doing.Also just try to now increase your level of easiness with words,try to use sarcasm which you been escaping from.your blog is good and you should be proud of that.Cheers.

Rahul Miglani : The Blog Reviews are done as a part of the blog Review Program , if you want to get your blog Reviewed you can request it via this page.Cheers.


  1. Oh wow 3.5 is really awesome :D Thank you so much for reviewing my blog and for all the information. Yes, I have thought of adding an about me and contact page so many times but I skipped it always. I'll definitely add them soon.
    I might not have submitted to Bing I guess but I have generated sitemaps for Google Webmaster and I do submit them regularly. I also have analytics installed. Can you please tell me the reason why it is not indexed by Google? Till today I thought it was :p
    Also, I will give a try to sarcasm soon. I'm more of a serious one so that might be a difficult challenge for me :D

    Thank you again for reviewing my blog :)

    1. just try typing site in google if your site comes then its indexed , or its just not showing in tools.sarcasm is an art you wont learn it easily.
      All the best for the Blog,Its cool.

    2. Yes so many pages comes after I hit with it :)

      Also, I have mentioned the link to this review on this post.
      100 Happy Days: Day 1

    3. And yes thank you for your wishes :)

    4. Cheers then , All the best !

  2. Wow! Cool to read Anmol's Blog review.
    All points very nicely shared :)

  3. Oh Great... didn't know DvsD you're selflessly reviewing blogs too outside IB and that too so methodically! :-)