Tuesday 15 July 2014

Fathers Pledge Blog Review | What About the Boy

Hello , As a request on the Get your Blog Review Page I am going to review Stephen's blog who writes on http://www.fatherspledge.com/ and blog is extremely heart touching.Well I went through blog and did a lot of reading in the past one month.The website or the blog is about the book what about the boy and it tells a lot about how striving for something is important and difficult at the same time.

1.Content : The content tells us how nobody knew what happened to little Joseph who is now my age and the story of his father Stephen in dealing with the situation and striving to achieve normality for his child.The Blog if read properly is long touchy story which Stephens tells in a way everyone understands.He is not trying to suck sympathy from the readers but its all about how and when he did things which he thought would help reach him the goal he has set for his son.The Blog is not about the goal or problem itself.Its a journey a special one,which I guess only a few will be able to write or tell.There are a lot of problems in the world ,but life is how we deal with those problems.Stephen tells us about the life he is living and in a simple way.I can only say you are doing a great job sir.

2.Uniqueness: Again , content is the King.The website is not unique , its as simple as it gets but what is written in the posts is overwhelming.So we wont mind the simpleness of the blog.

3.Activity:The blog is active but there is very less amount of comments,Try to get involved , try to get more people to read your blog .You never know what people can suggest .So just try to have a little more activity on your blog.

4.Appearance:The appearance is simple but we don't really are talking about how we look in this blog , all necessary widgets are there , do have a subscribe button at the top.You have the contact option which is great.Do add a Declaimer and privacy policy.

5.Navigation:The navigation is simple and easy.We have FAQ and Reviews tabs which is good.Author bio is also set up.So no difficulty in anyway.

6.Technically : Your blog is not indexed by Bing. Your blog is not indexed by Google.Your WordPress version (3.8.3) is out of date.Your blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog and all these are not big problems.

Stephen you are doing a great job and you have already done a lot.The blog and website technicalities doe snot matter,what you write is the most important thing.Keep it doing up and just increase a little more activity.I hope and wish you reach what you have dreamt of.And the word is not disabled its specially-able.

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