Friday, 18 July 2014

Indian Parents , Your Dreams and Career Choice

This is the easiest Topic to talk about in India.But yes the opinion will vary from every single individual.Even the movies in India are actually thinking about the topic.Is that the reason 3 Idiots the movie was such a hit.?.Well I guess yes.A career Choice is very difficult for everyone to make with the education system in India.And Its very difficult to predict and think what would you be doing what what really happens in really tricky in India.

In India until the 19th century what was followed was the legacy system which was related to surnames and castes.For example A baniya son will be a baniya and doing the business his forefathers were doing and so does the son of a priest which is followed till now.The India states were divided keeping in mind the language they speak which was majorly affected by which caste they were which again resulted in which career we will choose.This is a strong fact which no one can deny.And until the 20th century there was no question of anyone questioning the career choice they forefathers choose.

Now the problem came into picture when the Indian society started growing up, Indian society just recently grew up to being open about certain things like lets say education for all.When this happened then came the question of career choice being independent of what the forefathers are doing.So from past 25 years or so we have also started questioning the the unsaid rules.

Now the career choice is not a problem but its the problem is of orthodox thinking which some parents still have which cant be removed over night.This problem will have to be removed by us but it will take time.So I guess I am lucky enough that my parents understood what I wanted to be and it was easy but I guess its still not easy for a lot of other students growing up in India but does that means we are stuck no we are not.So lets just work towards enlightening the growing up society.Because the crux of the problem is that weather we face these issues or not are we actually doing something to remove this problem.

Even if fifty percent of students and youth actually start educating the society about openness in career choice I guess the problem will be resolved So lets take a pledge that instead of crying on the problem lets see how can we remove it.Check out what experts speak on Career Choice.
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  1. Very true.
    You have stated valid points. 3 idiots is a cult movie.
    "Agar main Engineer ban bhi gaya, bahut bura Engineer banoonga..."

    Why not train kids & find out their aptitude? Let them do what they like best...
    Then our nation will progress.

    1. We are going in right direction . We are open to new career choices but not everyone is , lets help them !!

  2. Nice post buddy. Its actually true...

  3. How many schools have a Psychologist? Why aren't there a compulsory aptitude test? Why the infrastructure does not allow diversification of career choices? Wonderfully written.

    1. Yes this is a problem our education system lags on !
      Lets hope and try to change it.

  4. All the points.. Very Well covered & expressed!!

  5. Impressive read ! I liked your presentation & flow of thoughts.

  6. Nice post and well expressed. Yes, we must educate the younger ones of the career choices we have.

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