Monday 30 June 2014

In search of Incredible : My Super Powerful Smart Phone

I was always worried about the confidentiality and security of the data that the my phone is carrying.Well I know I can install the antivirus on my phone but that does not gives me surety of cent percent Trojan catch.But more important than that I was wondering If there is anything I can do so that I destroy the path for the travel of viruses and hacking robots.As I work in a bank I am always worried about the secret Documents and confidential matters which my email contains.So I told this to my geek and nerdy friend who is always working on designing and developing apps which are of literally no use for people but yeah he also develops mobile games.His basement room is full of servers,wires and data cables and what not.

This Sunday I went up-to him and asked him to install an antivirus on my smartphone so that I does not catches any Trojans.He promised me to install and better in house developed antivirus collaborated with his gaming methods so that its always easy to upgrade it.When I went again to him in the evening to get my phone back I saw him sleeping and my phone still connected to the the data cables. Hurriedly I woke him up and asked If my phone was OK. In.In a very laid back response he said that he messed up couple of gaming apps with the antivirus app and it was behaving weird to say the least.

I was not happy so I took my phone and came back home thinking to install antivirus from the internet obviously a paid one.Just before I could connect my phone to the internet suddenly I got an alert from the messed up app on my phone that their it is insecure to connect to my personal desktop as there was a virus which was trying to communicate via internet to my phone.After I did remove the communication link only then the alert was removed.To my surprise the messed up app was working.

Anyways I again got couple of alerts which said that one of my chatting app do have some insecure content in one of the messages.I was surprised to see the app actually working quite well.But the big surprise was when I tried to play with that app and choose to browse the phone and its connections it gave me a huge list of apps and networks which were insecure , this app was not only catching and fire walling the viruses but was also able to detect insecure content over the web.

With this app I not only was secure about the content on my phone but I was so happy that it could also tell me that there were viruses on my friends phone when we were on the same network which actually meant that when ever i was on insecure network with other phones and desktops I could actually see which other devises were infected and I should avoid what devices.This was not only super cool but cent percent correct as well.Also, to my surprise, my incredible super phone can help me do what others cannot! It not only makes me aware of enemies of the confidential data I carry but it also helps me stay away from viruses from other devises.

So as soon as I am on a network I just have to turn on the app and I am aware how secure the world around me is.

Note : This Post is written as a part of contest on Indiblogger powered by ASUS Give your phone a super power and tell us how it would help you see what others can’t see and do what others can’t do!)