Monday 7 July 2014

The Chloe Thurlow Blog Review

Hello , As a request on the Get your Blog Review Page I am going to review Chloe Thurlow's blog who writes on and blog is extremely cool where cool is HOT.Well I went through blog and did a lot of reading in the past year of so. The content is good, your language is nice and you have the necessary fluency in imparting the ideas. Following are the few points I would like to underline.
1.Content :The content is thoughtful as well as thought provoking as we can see from the My Blog Section.The font color and size is kept constant which is much appreciated.The choice of words is also great which makes the posts more meaningful.If your content is great half the battle is won but in this case the content is the thing which makes readers like me come back again and again to your blog.I liked the practicle approach used in the blog.I liked the the mystery you maintain in your posts well , If I had to say I would say "the content is full of content here".

2.Uniqueness: The website is quite unique in itself ,The Home page will be liked my most of the audience , people who prefer a simple home page at least might differ but over all its likable.The uniqueness might not be found in the labels but it will rather found out in the content which is awesome to say the least.It is not a regular blog its a special blog , people look up  the content and come back again to read that's the USP.The Content deals with taboo topics as well as practical situation which serves well to the audience.

3.Activity: You have been quite active in replying to the comments and posting new posts on the site as well as linking on the social networking plugins as well.This makes the reader to look forward to your new replies and posts.Way to go dear its a great sign.You do have a share on Facebook widget but why not the Facebook Page.Do have it it serves wonders. Pinterest is what gets you maximum traffic from the linked websites . So great job there and then the good reads so you know you are doing an amazing job.

4.Appearance:The appearance of the site is awesome to say the least.The website has great color contrast ratio which goes very well with almost ninety percent readers.We all love widgets.The Pictures are amazing including the background Image.You may want to add your picture on the about page.But that's not necessary.And yes the recent tweets adds up to the curiosity of the reader.

5.Navigation:The navigation is quite smooth and if people want to know about you they can do it easily.The Tab on the left which lists your pages serves their purpose with ease.The reader can smoothly go to all the pages and can get a glimpse of what special ability you have got in all forms of writings.You may also want to have a privacy policy and declaimer page about your website.Not to forget about your favorite authors you surely are giving them the traffic they Books Section is cleanly organized. So.So No Need of any changes.

6.Technically : Your blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog,Your WordPress version (3.8.3) is out of date.,Your blog is not indexed by Bing.Your blog is not indexed by Google.You do not have a logo.You don't have a site description.Try searching for Chloe Thurlow on Google you will feel good.

Rest is all great! You have done a good job with the Erotica writing and taboo topics ;many of them are my personal favorites.There Might be some silent readers of your blog who might not comment due to any reason so the subscription widget is the best option for them.Do add a email subscription widget on the home page.That's all from me.Keep writing girl many bloggers look up to you.


  1. I will clearly have too get my widgets in order. My WordPress version (3.8.3) is out of date., I am not indexed by Bing or Google, which sounds a bit like being cast into purgatory, and I do not haves a site description. Bottom line, Bradley, the horny web kid who suggests sexual favours instead of cash to do the updating (not accepted of course, I mean, he's 22 for heaven's sake), will have to be severely punished. I will make him write out this excellent review 100 times so that he learns it by heart.

    1. These are things which can be updated later , but do add the blog description as it would come up in searches.As far as Bradley is concerned just get him into teasing and he ill do it :P