Friday 5 September 2014

The Book Bucket

This is again written for the Indispire Idea of the week which is "Submit a list of your 10 favorite books with reasons why they made it to your list. Let us try to complete a circle and compile a list of books we yet have to pick.
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So here is my list.These are the books I have Read Many Time.

1.Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler : Reason is as the name suggests I am impressed by the struggle of the man who virtually ruled the world.The way the book is written and then translated to English is actually awesome and inspiring to say the least.You actually come to know what went inside that great mind who ruled mercilessly. It.It more about his political ideology.

2.Unix Concepts And Applications - By Sumitabha Das : This is the first book , any Unix enthusiast would read and would re read and re read even after 10 years of first reading it.I wont say much about it as I still read it when I am confused.And Yes A file is File is a File.

3.Desire v/s Destiny : This is the first book I Authored which is based on short stories and Romantic Poems inspired by real life incidents , This was the learning curve of my writing career, I love this book and I have grown up to accept that It contained many mistakes.But this one is surely that I read every time I get a chance.

4.Train To Pakistan (1956) by Khushwant Singh : The novel about the partition time by none other than khushwant singh.The violence and the Riots all written in a manner which will give you goose bumps.

Now Below is the list of books which I want to read :

5.The Immortals of Meluha (Triology)(Amish Tripathi)
6.Midnight's Children : Salman Rushdie.
7.Girl Trade : Chloe Thurlow.
8.Sachin Tendulkars Biography : To be released by end of September 2014.
9.Please Suggest 
10.Please Suggest


  1. The Train To Pakistan is in my list. Suggestions are The Namesake, The Da Vinci Code

    1. The Da Vinci Code is one I will take up someday

  2. Do read shiva trilogy :)
    I would also suggest The Da Vinci Code. Also, if you would like to read romance, The Fault in Our Stars, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook. The Shining by Stephen King if you want to get scared :D
    Pick up Preeti Shenoy, Durjoy Datta or Nikita singh for reading light novels.

    1. I would prefer the Notebook for sure, Thanks !

  3. Lovely idea to ask for suggestions :)
    I love Jules Verne, HG Wells, RK Narayan, Mark Twain... list goes on & on :)
    Pick their books! Classics!

  4. Books by Prem chandra, Ruskin Bond are good innocent reads. Do read them :)

  5. The list includes controversies as well as historical so looks you have penchant for revolutionary things

  6. Suggestive readings for you could be: The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank....since you seemed to be fascinated by Mein could also read books by Khalid Hosseini like The kite runner, A thousand splendid will love these books...thank you for taking up my challenge and putting across a wonderful list of books...

  7. Mein kamf on your list Rahul, it would be on my list too if I did make one. Well suggestions DaVinci code for sure.

  8. Hey Rahul, thats a good collection of books. I have read a book titled The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and to be honest, I believe, A reader should read this book...:)

  9. You seem to be interested in people and their lives. Based on your technical interest, I suggest the following biographies.
    1. Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson.
    2. iWoz - Steve Wozniak.