Friday 12 September 2014

How to cook Chicken Curry in Ten Minutes

Chicken Curry is one of the best non vegetarian food all around South Asia.Now let me tell you how I cook them and I promise its nothing short of one of our favorite mouth watering dishes.

Chicken can easily dry out so they are best cooked quickly using high temperatures.

  • Some People remove the outer skin of the chicken after preparing and some do it before but if you are preparing chicken curry , you should remove the skin before preparing.

1.Olive oil(50ml)
2.Onion 1
3.Ginger Garlic Paste
4.Garam Masala/Chicken Masala/Chat Masala.
5.Double Cream
8. Cardamom.
12.Tomatoes , chopped.

3.Sharp Knife.
4.Plate for cut vegetables or Onions.
5.Mixing utensil.
6.Pan for mixing and making Curry.
7. Dont use steam Cooker.

1.Cut all the vegetable you have very small,Or lets say you only have onion , cut them.

2.Chop the chicken into small pieces.

3.Put onions and chicken in the olive oil in same pan on medium heat.

4.After couple of minutes , add ginger garlic paste and chili and Garam masala.

5.After 1 minute add all other ingredients like vegetables if you have plus any extra masala like chat masala , mix it with 2 table spoon of double cream and mix well on high temperature.

6.Now put 2 cups of water and prepare it like any other vegetable and keep on mixing it for couple of minutes and then cover it for 5 minutes.

7.Secret is you are not preparing the tadka and 
chicken separately.Remove from heat and Garnish.

8.After 5 Minutes of continuous Mixing like you do it for Rajmah, on high heat you will start getting the awesome smell of boiled chicken and the curry which has lots of masala.

9.Its ready to serve now.


  1. All is fine dear. It's looking good too. You tried to give a detailed description even what not to use but somehow one thing is missing :) - the quantity of ingredients :) Hope you disclose it in reply to this comment :)

    1. 1.Olive oil(50ml)
      2.Onion 1 big round one :P
      3.Ginger Garlic Paste(1 tbs)
      4.Garam Masala/Chicken Masala/Chat Masala.(1 tbs)
      5.Double Cream(2-3 tbs)
      7.Cinnamon(1 tbs)
      8. Cardamom.(1 tbs)
      9.Corinder(1 tbs)
      10.Chiili(1 tbs)
      11.Turmeric(1 tbs)
      12.Tomatoes , chopped.(2)

  2. looks good, will share this with hubby! ;)