Monday 29 September 2014

Ghost Part 2

This is a True Story which happened in Delhi in Year 2014.The Names have been Changed.Here is the Short Part 1.

Now Both Mrs and Mr Chopra agreed to the point that something was wrong with Charu.They started keeping at eye on Charu but the money still kept disappearing even when Charu was not at home.But all that went missing was only cash.Mrs Chopra used to take sleeping pills to sleep but she stopped taking them thinking that might be the cause of the depression she was now going into.She took Mr Chopra into confidence and went to one Guy who would perform the JHAD FUNK at her place,He came there did that JHAD FUNK and nothing happened for next ten days,

After ten days again the money disappeared,But they were not sure weather Charu was at home during that time or not , Both the parents asked charu is something was going wrong.Suddenly Mrs Chopra picked up charu;s mobile phone and saw some messages and notes shared between her friend which were in Urdu.Mrs Chopra again warned her doing that again.Mrs Chopra kept a close eye on Charu now.The next day Mrs Chopra took Charu's mobile phone again and found out there were an sms which read I am going right now but if your parents will disturb me I will come back again.She called on that number and It was a Sikh Guys Newly bought SIM which he started using from past couple of days.He refused to agree that he was sending SMS to a kid as he was happily married.He agreed for any Investigation.Mrs and Mr Chopra could not do anything , It was just an sms,

The next night Charu was beating up Sonal her younger sister and spoke in a voice which was a mix of at least 3 voices and saying to leave her alone.Mrs Chopra applied all her strength to calm her .down ,When Charu came to senses she could not remember anything but slept in her mothers Lap.

Both Mrs and Mr Chopra were  now tensed , They went to the Baba who was famous for catching spirits and getting rid from them in Delhi.He applied all his strength but could not come to any conclusion , he just said there is no influence of any bad spirit on any of them.But he said nothing will happen now as it might be a bad omen which he has cleared now.Ten days passed and nothing happened but the money started disappearing again after ten days,Even when Charu was at home it disappeared and even when she was not at home they disappeared.So The Chopra were sure that she was not doing it.
But they could not believe few things , The ATM incident , The VOICE incident and the Money disappearing even when no was at home.

Mrs Chopra had done everything possible now.The Baba's and the priests were of now help now.She had tried all of them.Now what they do is keep the money in the bank and all the ATMs are kept with Mr Chopra all the time , They don't keep cash at home.Even the smallest amount of money keeps on disappearing every now and then.

Here is the Short Part 1. Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time :-)