Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Blue Striped Sport Shoes II

Read the Short First Part Here 1000 Words Only.
It continued for the whole one Month , She would see the man wearing the same blue striped shoes , As soon she would see them , she would shiver ,but she had no choice , she would move on and get inside her apartment , cry , sleep and wake up.This continued for a month.The apartment started haunting her ,She could hear her own screams , the pain , the moans , She could feel the pain everyday of the unwanted exploration of her body in very same apartment.

The neighbor's taunts had mellowed down , some neighbors moved on , But that was not enough as soon as she would see the same shoes ,the memories would come back to haunt her.If everything happens for a reason , there is its end as well.It was enough , She could not bear it anymore , She decided to finish it. Running away from the situation is the easiest thing one would say but nobody can feel the pain , the agony , the prejudice , the everyday taunts , She was bearing it till now.But its not easy being raped,answering and explaining the same to police,being left off to fight alone,Divorced and still living in the same house where it all happened,Escaping the glares of the neighbors,the thirsty eyes of every hawker who knew what happened,Answering the relatives who would never meet publicly.

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The day had come , She has decided to end the life which did not deserved to live.The life which was meant to live and let live but was not worth it , at least now.It was five in the evening,when the neighbors heard a sound , something had dropped ,a human body from seventeenth floor.A circle of people was formed around the wounded body.she picked her way through the spectators and looked down at the man on the ground. He was bleeding.He was dead. The blood poured from the torn skull like water.She felt no pity.

The police came , How did it happen , the Police asked "He was fixing the Balcony Lights,It was raining , He was standing on a makeshift stand , might have slipped , I did not notice as I was in the kitchen preparing tea".She came back after doing all the formalities ,It was Raining again and she was in balcony ,She was shivering and every drop of rain was not striking a wound oh her body now but it felt relaxing, she was still frightened and crying, but she was all right. 

Suddenly her mind snapped back to the reality of what had happened.The Gatekeeper who would always stick his eyes on her body from the day she had moved in the apartment with his husband , was the one who came that day in the evening to fix the balcony lights , perhaps would have made the duplicate of the keys , while she was at kitchen ,had barged in the house with the same duplicate keys in the night,explored her body,violated it and satisfied his hunger.All the time he was masked. Until she noticed the same  Blue Striped Sport Shoes he wore.

That day when he came back to fix the same balcony lights.She asked politely "Was not it you that day".He Kept quite."You were wearing the same shoes aint it".She screamed.He Smiled,History will repeat itself he said,But before he could get down from the makeshift stand ,She pushed the stand and he was out of the balcony.

Read the Short First Part Here 1000 Words Only.Hope You liked it , Any feedback is Good Feedback for me.


  1. First part good. Ending not good. Expected better twist.

  2. Good story, both parts well written Rahul. Nice fiction.

  3. I was expecting a different ending....The first part was gripping....the second part has its speed

    1. I know what you mean , I will try to improve !

  4. umm .. dint read the first part but liked this one .. I liked the descriptions of her agony .. Rahul try to write long stories, u have that flare ..

  5. Mystery solved. Justice by gravity.
    Nicely done, Rahul. Have to be careful about house-keys.

    Had written a poem in which watchman was thief as he had duplicate house-keys... Trust violated...

  6. i was eagerly awaiting the second part.very well written!

  7. Gripping story. Had been waiting for the concluding part before posting any comment. Had expected a different kind of ending thoughl

    1. Well , Lets say I am learning and will try to improve !



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