Friday 26 September 2014


This is a True Story which happened in Delhi.The Names have been Changed.

Charu and Sonal , the two sweet sisters loved their younger brother who was still couple of years old.Charu was to give her 10th exams and Sonal were to appear in her 8th std exams.Mr Chopra was staying very happy in his house at the a Delhi Colony.He was a property dealer by profession and his wife Mrs Chopra was happy handling all the PGs they have given on rent at the ground floor.They were earning good and were very happy.

On Monday Mrs Chopra had a fight with her maid as about 15000Rs were missing from the drawer and no one else was at home when they disappeared except Mrs Choprs and the Maid , So the maid was blamed and was asked to return the money or face the police.She pleaded a lot but continued saying that she had not commited the crime.An FIR was filed and she was kept in Jail by the local police.

On Tuesday Mrs Chopra got some vegetables from the market and put the cash in the drawer and there was no one in the house except the little Aryan her 2 year old kid and herself.She locked the door and went to sleep.When she got up , the money was not in the drawer.She was confused as well as shocked.

On Wednesday when the 3 kids were sleeping and Mrs Chopra was cooking in the Kitchen , She Did something strange , she Put some cash in the small temple at home and tied them with the red thread.In the evening when she came to see the cash , The count of the notes had decreased but there were no signs of who did that.Neither the thread nor anything else were even touched.

She had to tell this to her husband.In the evening when she told all this to his husband , he laughed it off and said she might have forgotten the count of the notes every time because the kids were well behaved to do anything silly like that.Later that day while returning from home Mr Chopra Noticed that 10,000 rs have been reduced from his daily cash counter.He was shocked.

Mrs Chopra had to do something now to stop it.She starting discussing it with neighbors but they also laughed it off.She told everything to her mother she was also confused.Later in the evening on neighbor came and reminded her of the incident where she has asked one lady to vacate her PG forcibly as she was unable to pay the rent,So she might be responsible for some JADU TONA.Mr and Mrs Chopra were both not in favor of doing any JHAD FUNK so they slept that night.

Next morning was terrible as they both fought on some petty issue.The strange thing is that they never fought in all these years of happily married life.This thing was now increasing.They were regularly fighting now on small things.They even kept an eye on both the girls as they also came under scanner of their mom.

One Month passed by.The money and the cash notes were still disappearing from their home.One Day when she checked the Mobile phone of Charu she noticed something written in URDU which was strange for a Punjabi Girl.When Mrs Chopra inquired ,Charu Replied that this will save them from the Bad spirit which was in the house.Mrs Chopra was socked and bashed Charu and warned her of using any Urdu or Kalmas.

The thing which happened Next was strange.1500 Rs were taken from an ATM near their house.So they asked the Bank guys to show the CCTV footage so that they can finally catch the so called ghost.When they saw the footage they were shocked and frightened.It was charu in the CCTV footage who was taking out cash from the ATM But the strange point was the time , At the time when the money was withdrawn from the ATM at the same time Charu was at home with his mother.

This confirmed that the Chopra's were in trouble.Now Mr.Chopra also believed that some paranormal activity was going on.

Here is the Short Part 2. Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time :-)


  1. Except the angel of the ghost in this story, it is a good suspense story though :) Will be eagerly waiting if you come up with more on it...

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    Good read.

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