Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Materialistic World , Dont we Love it

Why is the world so focused on physical assets- bank-balance, material-possessions, external beauty/body/cleavage...? What's the value of good thoughts, clear heart, inner beauty & values like honesty, discipline etc. today? What is important to you?

So the question is why,Well there is a straight answer that we have become selfish at least for our own good sake.Majority of working middle class is always after bank balance because they if don't have it , they wont be able to rise up the ladder of social security.Indian mentality is just to increase your bank balance so that your children can lead a happy life.But do all of us are like that , The answer is no , But the majority is surely running after bank balance.

Now about external beauty and cleavage , The answer is again simple Mean have been for ages loved ogling at physical assets.Men when they talk to women , they actually start talking with Boobs till the time they are forced to deviate from the mean path of their eyes till your boobs,So Just accept it ,Men do love doing it.But again there are limits and tricks on how they do it.Some do it cleverly , some do it randomly and some do it ease.But do all do it , No they don't its again just the majority.

Now the value of good thoughts , clear heart and inner beauty is there but its only limited to a small fraction of orthodox clad people who have lost interest in the materialistic world, or they have enough money to survive with it.Corruption is everywhere , some deal with it , Some don't but again the majority of people always go for the workaround , So honesty and discipline has actually lost its sheen , its the new age world where success is everything.

So is it right , no its not , they why do we all do it , because the other one is doing it.So Its just about how the society grows up and make itself a good society.The change can not come drastically over night.The change has to comer gradually , I can only hope , We do away with corruption , Rest all can come and grow with time.


  1. You have correctly stated that “Everybody does it” is the reason we do some things knowing they are wrong.
    Yes, change can not come overnight. It has to come gradually. But we have to start somewhere. So, let each one of us start changing for the better!

  2. Going against the flow is always difficult !
    Nice post !

  3. You have actually put up what the society thinks as a whole

  4. I have different views on what you have stated. Take a hypothetical situation, a man who has a great heart and is not "materialistic" does not run a rat race, misses his promotions and makes less money, but has a family and is happy. His child goes to a government school and is brilliant at studies. Does very well and now its college time....the others get in through donations or a caste quota, he doesn't. The man's wife does not go to outer beauty where everyone is "carrying themselves well", the wife is not included in "the class of women" and left out socially. The man does not sleep due to missed promotions, the son does not sleep due to admission and the wife is troubled for not having a social circle to hang out with. We don't live in a world where we can say money is not important a good heart is. May be I am the only one defying it but today if I am working, being competitive and carrying myself well, I have a better standing only because unlike other countries Indian government does nothing for this citizens.

    1. Well We all can go ahead and criticize our government , But I guess it all can improve if we all start improving ourselves.

    2. Totally agree on that, Gov cannot be blamed, my point was having only good values wouldn't work in this world. :)

    3. they surely dont.We can all now hope but more importantly improve ourselves !

  5. Here I agree with Shweta...
    Yes , inner beauty, good thoughts, values are all needed for the betterment of our society and also an individual....but you can't lead a very happy life just on the basis of your values.
    Yes money can't buy you happiness but it can get you the things which you need to be happy. Be it for for food, your home, your child's education, clothes, etc.

  6. Appreciate you for the post Rahul..Straight from the heart :)