Tuesday 8 December 2015

Blog Review of Teen Blogger Abhishek who runs HackersDenAbi

Today I am going to review  http://www.hackersdenabi.net/ which is handled by Abhishek and he surely is an extremely Talented teen blogger.Well I went through blog and did a lot of reading in the past one month.The website or the blog is about tech based tricks or hacks.

1.Content : I can only say you are doing a great job.You are writing on so many topics at once with a team of authors and the blog still provides no confusion.The tricks are simple and easy to learn and read.The authors are doing a great job.Keep up the good work and start including complex articles as well.

2.Uniqueness: The website is not unique , its as simple as it gets but what is written in the posts is cool and nicely narrated .So we wont mind the simpleness of the blog.

3.Activity:The blog is active but there are very less amount of comments,Try to get involved , try to get more people to read your blog .You never know what people can suggest .So just try to have a little more activity on your blog.Have some contests , indulge in more reading and commenting on other blogs.Do a collaboration.

4.Appearance:The appearance is simple but we don't really are talking about how we look in this blog , all necessary widgets are there , do have a subscribe button at the top.Do add a Declaimer and privacy policy as its a tech blog and plagiarism is high.

5.Navigation:The navigation is simple and easy.About page is also set up.So no difficulty in anyway.Pages are as top tabs which is cool.

6.Technically : 
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