Monday 21 December 2015

Blog Review of foreverawkwardandlearning Authored by Harnidh Kaur

Today I am going to review which is handled by Harnidh Kaur who we recently interviewed..Well I went through blog and did a lot of reading in the past one month.So here is a frank review of the same.

1.Content : I can only say you are doing a great job.You are writing on so many topics which are straight from your heart and its really amazing.The poems you write are relatable and its really picturesque.I have read "NOTES TO WHOEVER ORGANISES MY FUNERAL" and its the best post I have read in recent times , Do give it a read guys.

2.Uniqueness: The website is not unique , its as simple as it gets but what is written in the posts is cool and nicely narrated .So we wont mind the simpleness of the blog.

3.Activity:The blog is active but there are very less amount of comments,Try to get involved , try to get more people to read your blog .You never know what people can suggest .So just try to have a little more activity on your blog.Have some contests , indulge in more reading and commenting on other blogs.Do a collaboration.

4.Appearance:The landing page lands at the title and then the users have scroll down below to see the content , which is may be just may be non attractive.There are no pages as such so the user will really have to scroll down to see anything .Its a wordpress blog so the follow button at the below right solves the purpose of thw widget.

5.Navigation:The navigation is the simplest even if you click the title of the blog , you are still at the same page.So as a user you will always have to scroll down to see whats next.Its only at the bottom that you get to see the labels and previous posts which is simple for some and boring for some.

6.Technically : 
Your blog is not indexed by Google.
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  Your blog is not indexed by Bing. Consider reducing the number of posts on the front page so it loads faster

Its a great blog , Keep up the good work.
Reviewed by : Rahul Miglani , Follow him at Twitter and Facebook

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