Wednesday 2 December 2015

Interview with Teen Tech Blogger Abhishek Jain

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself ,your blog(s)/website(s),and your aspirations and your hobbies!!
Hey, My Name is Abishiekh Jain. Am a 16-year-old programmer,blogger born and brought up in Chennai I am the founder of Hackers Den ( My aspiration is to become a successful entrepreneur I have plenty of hobbies ha-ha. some of them are Programming,writing songs,reading books etc.

2. How you first got involved in with blogging/writing, are you an imaginative person?

I got involved in blogging since September 22 might be wondering that the hackers den was launched in May 10 2014and I started blogging in Septemberthis is because at initial stages I didn’t know how to blogI just posted on the fan page of Hackers Den .So during September I got involved in bloggingand yes am an imaginative personlol

3. What do you find most challenging about blogging/writing about your topic?
To Rank! ;) Writing a post is not so tough than ranking it with animal updates done by Google 
4. Tell me about some of the people you have met while working on your blog?
I have met many people while working on my blog,some of them I want to list here is Ravindra,Lebogang,Tyler MartinezAbhijit,Harshul,Iftekhar,Aayush,Harsh ETC. They have helped me a lot in my struggle time

5. How would (someone) describe your blogging/writing style?
How would I say that?

6. What do you do when you are not working on your blog?
I read articles ,or do programming or watch some videos or sometimes even read my school thing and do my school assignments
7 .Where do you see yourself blogging/writing wise in the next 6 months, and 5 years down the road?
Next To Shoutloud haha . I don’t know here would I stand ,if luck favours then I could even be the successful blogger or entrepreneur but if luck don’t favour me then who knows where would I stand so I guess we will move on to next question

8. What networking do you do that you feel helps your blogging/writing business?
Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin Plays vital role

9. How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog? Many people struggle with coming up with different articles/posts and they only have one blog.
I look on to my friends for this .I ask them what tricks do u need .they say me,I research on it and an article is developed .sometimes I even check out online which article has low competition and which will allow me to rank .so I write articles on that basis

10. Whats your strategy with your blog in general?
I don’t have any secret strategy. It is simple ,I write for readers.So There is no secret strategy behind my blog .

11. Any specific tips you have for newbie bloggers who want to make it in the blogosphere?
 I want to say to all your readers that blogging is not walking in a park You will get good and bad times .You will get achievement in the event that you do diligent work . I  don’t like people who start blogging for a cause like they blog for some days and then stop blogging just because they don’t get money and traffic ! why I mean why. You should Focus on your content rather than focusing on your traffic ! So My advice to new bloggers is like don’t quit if you don’t get traffic ! Start posting some quality stuffs and you will get a decent amount of traffic . Remember This quote of mine You Should Blog to Express , Not To Impress! … Even I started from zero ! Take a step forward everyday and you will reach your destination ! You cant achieve anything in this world without dedication ! And One more thing don’t get into some cheat sites claiming you will get 1000sof $$$$ They can cheat you ! So my advice is to stay out of this or you may land up into in some big problem ! so don’t be a victim of online fraud or cheat … it will tempt you but don’t do it ! You should be punctual in your work .Make a task list of your day’s work and work accordingly . Plan for the best . Hope for the best . Don’t get upset if you are unsuccessful  in driving traffic. Try hard and you will get your success on your foots . Don’t be sad . I Hope Best wishes to new bloggers and god favor them  with everything their needs ! If you need to clarify any doubts just pings me on facebook (

12. What would you prioritize? Content? SEO? Traffic? Readers?
That’s a tough question indeed.I would prioritize everything,because every element you listed plays an important role in every different field,so if I pick up just SEO,that wont make any sense because if you just do SEO without writing useful content then there would be no readers or traffic .So I guess you should work on every element effectively

13. Whats the best thing a blogger can give to his readers?
Content,useful content.And even honesty and motivation .

14. A lot of people are interested in blogging/writing for the money earning potential. What are some tips for people interesting in making money from blogging/writing? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made?
As I said in question #11 ,Don’t blog for money. If you come in blogosphere with the potential to earn easy money ,then you would go home disappointed ,PS Personal experience .I will share my story here.I came into blogging field to earn money,some people said it is the way to earn easy money ,just create a website,show ads and you will earn 1000$ I was very much interested ,did this but didn’t earned for first 11 months.Then started focusing on onpage seo ,quality content and then I was able to drive traffic and making money , you will get money if you work hard and there is no one in this world who will give u $$$$ without doing anything . So You will earn but it will take time,and in the mean time if you don’t money ,don’t quit blogging.

15. What motivates you most in life?
My failures. If I fail then only it makes me work more harder ,thus it motivates me a lot .

16. What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog?
Social Media has been great influence for the visibility to my blog and myself .

17 What was the most challenging moment in your blog content development process and why?
To rank ,this was the most challenging  moment.

18. Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why?
My favorite posts is on topics, “How-Tos”and “Guides”,because it helps me to do things differently and guides offcourse to learn new things

19. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
Iftekhar Ahmed for some tips about blogging and Akashlal and there are many others

20. What is the story behind the name of the blog?
Ah, not a complicated or a big one ,sweet and simple .Hackers Den ,like how a lion stays in den without any interference and do whatever he wants ,samealike Hackers be in their den and do their work without any interruptions

21. Your connection with any Blogger Network like Indi blogger or Writeupcafe or any other and the experience?
Yes am connected with Indiblogger,Writeupcafe,Blogadda etc .I just love their contests,and it help us to find about new topic ,if anyone is looking for .

22. Which genre do you feel gets the raw deal?
Technology and programming

23. Which one plug-in would you suggest all bloggers to have?
A s am in blogger ,So I don’t much about any plugins for wordpress .So its better we move on to next question

24. Five adjectives that describe you.
Ambitious,Confident,Hardworking,Team Player and Motivated

25. What book would you say has made the biggest impact good or bad on you?
The Pragmatic Programmer permanently altered how I view programming, it's not just extending my hobby of coding and getting people to pay me for it; there's a fundamental line between professional coding and hobbyist coding, and I am able to see that line and operate differently depending on what side of it I'm on thanks to The Pragmatic Programmer.And The Passionate Programmer is largely about how to find the right kind of job for you, what to look for in tech companies, and how to manage the direction of your career. It's pretty high level, but full of extraordinarily important advice to ensure you find yourself at companies that fit you and that you fit into well.

26. Do you get easily provoked by positive/negative comments??
Yes .Positive comments motivate me and sometime makes me feel overconfident and negative comment,I feel dejected

27. Do you plan to write a book, as every bloggers dream it is?
Yes .and it will about my blogging career ,my failures etc so by reading the book ,the new bloggers wont repeat the same mistake as I did

28. Are you a judgmental person, do you prefer to take sides instead of standing neutral?
I don’t mind standing for right ,even if I am standing alone.

29. Your collaboration with other bloggers, are you much into social networking, tell us everything about it?
Yes I am into social networking,where I exchange ideas with other bloggers

30. What genre attracts you the most and which genre you avoid?
The genre which has low competition attracts me and which has high competition ,I completely avoid that.

31. Your Views on Contests and increasing plagiarism?
Contests help bloggers to motivate .Contests helps you but losing them should’nt affect your writing
Plagiarism isn’t for a person who wants to stick in blogging. And I hate such persons who are not writing and just stealing others content

32. Words for me and my blogs Desire v/s Destiny and Blogger Interviews and my Website
You are doing a great job .Thanks to Rahul for getting my interview here

33. On winning the Award/s , Are they Really necessary.
Winning awards is not necessary even you can do your work diligently without winning any awards Just take examples of famous Hollywood stars who didn’t win oscars yet they are best .so winning awards is not a big thing ,anyone can buy it .

34. So whats Next in your list?
Many things,but I would like to highlight one website
Enigma E learning site-: Enigma e-learning is a site where my little group will show individuals about programming/promoting/seo/and stuffs like that !  Expected Launch in 2016

35.Words for your readers and why they should follow you?
If you want to learn some cool tips and tricks ,want to know about programming and latest hacks then you can visit my blog where we post quality and useful content daily.
You can even follow me @facebook ( , you can have a look on this website ,if you want to know more about me .

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