Wednesday 20 April 2016

Blogger Interview with Prerna Author of Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself, your book, and your aspirations and your hobbies!!
Hi, my name is Prerna and I am currently pursuing my Masters in International Business and Commercial Law at the University of Manchester. I began writing when I was in school, but serious writing began when I was in college pursuing my Undergraduate Degree in Law. Writing for me was a means of channeling my thoughts as I read and thus, began the journey. When I started writing poetry, I wasn’t writing it with an aim to publish it or make a collection out of it. In that sense, I am a selfish write. I used to write for myself because writing made me happy. Looking out for publishers and sending out my manuscript was an impromptu decision, hoping that something might work out. I have been lucky honestly that I one of such emails brought back a positive response and my wonderful publishers, LeadStart Publishing, agreed to publish it.   
Besides studying the law and writing poetry, I’m an avid reader and can read almost anything. I’m a trained classical dancer, but have been out of touch with the stage for the last 2-3 years.
2. How did you first get involved in with writing, are you an imaginative person?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a reader first and then a writer. My life as a reader has helped me form a voice which helps me in writing. I think I consider myself an imaginative person, and that has sprung from reading books of various genres.

3. How would (someone) describe your writing style?
I think if people were to describe my writing style, they’d probably say that I write with a moral. Probably kinds where everything falls into place in the end, or that I just end my poems on a happy/positive note because personally I believe that everything does have a happy ending or rather things do end positively depending upon one’s perspective. I think since this is my debut, I am yet to explore different styles and I don’t want to be restricted to a specific style or a kind of writing that defines me, especially since this is just the beginning.

4. Where do you see yourself writing wise in the next 6 months, and 5 years down the road?
I think as of today, I see myself working on my next book in the next six months. I’m trying to understand the response of the readers, and simultaneously, trying to venture into new opportunities. 5 years down the lane, I would probably expect myself to have found a certain voice that I can associate myself with confidently. I want try writing prose as well, and have a mind-map of how I want things to go. I hope things work out as planned!

5. Any specific tips you have for newbie writers who want to make it in big?
I think hesitation and under-confidence is one of the biggest road-blocks for any new writer. For any writer to eventually make it big, one must be willing to get out of the closet and explore every opportunity that comes their way, even if the smallest means of leaving a mark behind. I’d probably just say that start small, take baby-steps every day and things will fall in place. 

6. What’s the best thing a writer can give to his readers?
As a reader, what I look for is the feeling of being able to relate. A lot of people find some amount of comfort in reading a particular writer’s book after having read the first one they’ve written, that whatever they release their next book, the readers pick it up being sure that they’ll like it. I want to be one such writer where people reach out and say that they were able to relate to what I have written I want to be able to form that bond with my readers and as a writer, I want to be capable enough to give them that.

7. What motivates you most in life?
A good book and a cup of coffee. That’s all it takes.

8. What book would you say has made the biggest impact good or bad on you?
The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.

9. What genre attracts you the most and which genre you avoid?
I don’t think there are genres I avoid, but I prefer Literary and Narrative Fiction.

10. Do you get easily provoked by positive/negative comments??
I think every writer is exposed to both positive and negative reactions to their books and that is something no one can avoid. Positive comments, obviously make me very happy, but I don’t think I get provoked by negative comments that easily. I wonder why has it been said, quite naturally, but I take that as a stepping stone and work on the feedback given to me. 

11. So what’s next in your list?
Currently, I am working on my second collection of poems and eventually, I hope to explore other genres/styles of writing. 

12. Words for your readers and why they should follow you?
Firstly, I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has enjoyed and appreciated my first book, “Thousand Unspoken Thoughts” and would like to thank each and every reader out there for their immense support. I think the only thing I require as a writer is support from my readers, and I hope as I experiment with different styles, I receive the same kind of support and encouragement that I have received with my debut.

13. Words for me and my blogs Desire v/s Destiny and Blogger Interviews and my Website
I would like to thank and specifically Mr. Rahul Miglani for this opportunity and hope that we will have a chance to interact once again in the future.


  1. Congrats, way to go Prerna.

  2. Congrats, way to go Prerna