Wednesday 3 February 2016

Book Review of Until I Met You by Ishani Malhotra

Until I Met You’ is Ishani's debut contemporary romance novel releasing from Harlequin, India. The plot of my book is set in Calcutta. 
I am trying to avoid spoilers here but the story explores that how in today’s generation the youth has to go through several hurdles in their love lives.So this book revolves around the transition from lover to soul mate but it shows how in today's times the love life goes through practical as well as emotional difficulties..This book also talks about the mistakes and difficulties today's young people are facing with their relationships with respect to their career orientation.
The story is written in first person and it is very very easy to like the narrator who is a young beautiful girl.It is a romantic novel but it has its space for comedy as well as dramatic scenes.As a debut novel she has done a great work with simple English , not too much drama and detailed perspective on things.The young girl is the one who every reader will relate to and definitely will like.Even the male readers would relat
e to the practical problems she has to face in her love life.
Overall the book is a onetime read and is very easy to understand.The book is short lengthen ,can be read in a day is light on the mind as well , if you enjoy reading romantic novel which are contemporary and very much relatable you will certainly enjoy this book.We wish her all the best and congratulate on her debut book.

Overallrating : 3.75/5

Reviewed by : Rahul Miglani , Follow him at Twitter and Facebook 

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