Monday 11 August 2014

Third Perspective Blog Review

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As a request on the Get your Blog Review Page I am going to review Harshal Bhave's  blog who writes on .He is quite an active blogger at various social platforms and blogger communities and takes parts in writing contests and also writes on social issues.he loves to talk about the travel tales.he is also good in reviews and fiction is also one of his cup of tea.Now lets take a better look at his blog.

1.Content :He is not running any adverts on his blog which is a good choice.The content varies from Social issues to Fiction and then to contests and yes Travel.The content is good and full of pictures which do not have a caption but they do have alt text and reviews are alright.But the problem is you cant navigate easily you have to keep scrolling down for the recent posts.You do have a dropdown of his archives but you are not sure to what category they belong to.

2.Uniqueness:The uniqueness may not be technically correct category to rate this blog in but still the content rules the blog so we can give this a miss.Its not just a dull write up blog , Its straight, to the point and shows what its all about.There are no fancy widgets.He does have the social network links which you might not click as they are not as bold as they should be.

3.Activity: Now I am going from "He is" to "You are" : Let me advise him : You are quite active as seen from you latest posts and comments , do get that rolling to increase the in depth traffic which will be organic after are doing a good job in being active so keep it up.Try to have activity on the empty right hand side after the archives.

4.Appearance: Its a simple theme with white background and black text.It suits my taste but might not be liked by all.The appearance is simple its just the content which is the king here , no categorization , no pages , no labels to choose.Now this might work for some but might not work for all.

5.Navigation:Now this is the not so best part of the blog , also just try to have a about me and contact me tab at the top .Navigation is cool and easy and actually just a scroll down.But people might be looking for pages.

6.Technically : Your blog is indexed by Google (644 results).Wow.Your robots.txt file is valid and allows search engines to index your content.Your blog is not indexed by Bing.Your blog application doesn't support gzip compression.

To sum it up , your blog deserves 2.5/5 starts which is OK.Your content is the king of the blog so just try to continue what you are doing.

Need to Work on : 
1.)One Page scroll down , really .
2.)Landing Page.
4.)Privacy Policy , Desclaimers and About me page.
5.Right hand side empty space removal.

Rahul Miglani : The Blog Reviews are done as a part of the blog Review Program , if you want to get your blog Reviewed you can request it via this page.Cheers.