Friday 29 August 2014

The Candle March

At Home : 
Rajan :Hey Mom I am on TV look Ryan is also there with that poster , The one with that Gandhi Topi , is me.
Mom : My Son , I am so Proud of you , But what were you doing there at India Gate, Did India won the World Cup Again.And whats written on that Poster.
Rajan : Come on Mom,You are such an Ignorant women , i was there just to support that Girl who got Raped.It was the candle march.And Its written Respect the Women.
Mom :Oh wow !! My sweetheart , you are such a bright child.
Rajan : Anyways Mom I am off to Tuition,I might get late.
Mom : Mera Bachcha !! Mwah !!

At Friend's Place :
Ryan : Hey dude , your Picture with the poster has got 102 likes on Facebook , you are even more popular that Richa , whose each selfie gets at least 90 likes.
Rajan L: Yo Bro , your Friend so Popular huh ! What are you doing on FB at this time.
Ryan : I am still chatting with Richa !
Rajan : Wow!! come on and she still believes in your fake profile and that too with a fake picture.Its been three days.
Ryan : Yeah bro 
Rajan : Cool Man , Hey than I will leave for tuition alone then.
Ryan : Tuition , Stop lying to me, Are you again going to chase that girl till her gym and stand outside her gym and watch from the glass windows.Is not she the same girl we chased down after that Candle March shit. 
Rajan : Yeah ,Shes the same, But yesterday she stopped and warned me that If I chase her again , she will complain to the police.
Ryan : Bloody shit , so tuition today right.
Rajan : Do you think I am so easy to get rid off , I am going to puncture the tyre of her vehicle while she would be at gym.
Ryan : Carry On Bro !! And yeah by the way I am going to ask for Richa's Pictures today ,without clothes , Come in evening I will tell you the full story.
Rajan : Cool Bro !!

Well That's what happening in this two faced world.Candle March for the social media.Eve teasing at will and cyber crime with no hesitation.Well As a matter of fact if you think you cant be tracked after doing cyber crime you are Wrong.Also If you think that burning candles will help the society grow up , Its just a HOAX , Just grow over it and change should come from with in.and most Important thing the only way that an eve teaser can be caught is that if the passers by who witness him indulging in such a cowardly act react and act. One cannot wait for the police to be on the prowl at every street corner all the time awaiting acts of eve teasing to happen in front of their eyes and then they take action, the sad fact is that not many eve teasers are bought to book they are just everywhere roaming free.

The police see through the seemingly innocent pleas of an eve teaser and take stern action against these shameless offenders, but that is only when the matter comes to their notice or eve teasers are brought to them by public action.Now its on the society on how they act and react,Police cant be everywhere.

This is again written for Indispire Topic :People conveniently ignore a girl in distress or an accident victim on the road, but would enthusiastically march with candles in hand for a cause. Why?


  1. this short story reminds me an episode of MTV webbed .. and yes u have rightly explained it .. we shout at fb and twitter and sign the petitions .. and at the end of the day we are no different from those who has done the crime.. finally a good topic for indispire .. I too will write something.

  2. I do hate people who preach on social networking sites... the revolution of limited to facebook and twitter.......

  3. This could very well be a real story :D


  4. Very well written and explained the hypocrisy of the society

  5. It's the intention what matters after all

  6. So true! The li'l anecdote carries the punch.

  7. You've portrayed very well the disgusting hypocrisy of some among us. Sadly, there are quite a few such persons who preach one thing and practise exactly the opposite.