Thursday 28 January 2021

Gancube - The Next Big Thing

Have you checked out the new GanCube for yourself?If not I can tell you that GanCube is the apple of Rubik's cube industry.Gan, Gancube, or Gans is a puzzle brand created by Ganyuan Jiang  who set the first Chinese 3x3 national speed-solving record (in 2007). He was also the co-founder of the GuoJia cube brand.If talking about puzzle manufactures they are obviously at the top of the chart.They have noa advanced to not only the regular but also the alien shapes as well as making of smart cubes as well, This comes as a huge advancement in the puzzle industry with each cube enhancing the intelligence level.

GANCUBE comes in various shapes and sizes, some of these are listed below : There is a traditional 3X3 cube , these are super light and super easy to turn.Then there is a very interesting pyraminx shaped, quality-wise its super easy to turn as well.The “Central Magnetic unit” of GAN Pyraminx M,is like a new Magnetic Engine;GES+ inside. Tuning much easier;As light as 64g, to make you feel comfortable.Unlike the previous pyraminxes,GAN Pyraminx M has the “Central Magnetic unit”.It brings new handfeels just like the new engine of the pyraminx.It gives you faster speed and lowers starting resistance.

One of my personal favourites is the megaminx , looks very complex but very easy to understand and turn quickly.There is a 2X2 Cube, this is usually for starters who are still learning the tricks, its the easiest to turn and playThen there is a 4X4 Cube, on which you can learn a lot of tricks and speed up your game, looks interesting can help you play quickly as well.It also has the cube station app.Cube Station supports smart cubes, normal cubes, virtual cubes and devices like GAN Robot, Bluetooth timer and so on. It's the platform for cubers worldwide to battle online, train to improve and learn through AI, helping every player to enjoy the pleasure of speedcubing.

Gancube is the world leader of speedcubing and no doubt the choice of the world's best cube players.GANCUBE leads the reformation of speed cube technology with dozens of national patents and certifications.GANCUBE is not only easy but they also provide support if you want to learn the tips and tricks of speedcubing.You can check out thr GanCube Instructions yourself and master the speedcubing.

Trust me this is the most interesting and game for the future with speed and smart devices. If you want to buy any of their products you can directly go to the website and can Register or login to it, they recommend you to create an account by entering your E-mail address and the account password before placing an order. If you are a returning customer, you can obviously login directly like any other website.They now accept PayPal, Western Union Credit Card and Alipay as their payment methods.The processing needs 1-5 working days. As soon as your package is shipped, you will receive an email from The email will provide you with the order details, the tracking number and the tracking way. Also you can login your account to query.

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