Monday 22 June 2015

Book Review of Abhimanyu Bana Gulzar by Ankit Rawat

'Abhimanyu bana Gulzar', a collection of Hindi poems, is first book written by Ankit Rawat. Ankit narrates the various colors of his journey through the quintessence of poetry; these colors are sometimes stories, sometimes emotions of heart, sometimes half baked thoughts, somewhere the passages of memory and somewhere the depictions of country and society. 

As a friend when I received my free copy from Ankit I was exited to read it and decided to finish it overnight.The book is easy going , easy to read and easy to absorb.The book contains thoughts roped into few sentences which will touch your heart.The book is about the thought process of human minds and how it sees the different scenarios if life by Ankit.

The book is short lengthen ,can be read in couple of hours and is light on the mind as well , if you enjoy reading thoughts on how you see life and situations you will certainly enjoy this book , This book is not a poetry book but actually when you will read the sentences you will feel the poetry behind it ,There are some half baked thoughts which you will be able to bake and may be take for future references in your life.The book takes on situations in real life scenarios and how one's mind speak of it.This book is must read for Hindi thought readers.

My rating  : **** (4 Stars)

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