Wednesday 29 April 2015

Facts about the April 21st 2015 Google mobile-friendly update

Your site's mobile-friendliness is now considered as a Google Search ranking signal.So keep writing .
Facts about this update.

1.This will only impact searches from mobile phones.

2.This is a page level update , so It will positively only impact those pages which are mobile friendly on your website.

3.Take the mobile friendly test right now so that you may know where you stand , Take the Test

4.Google bot will automatically re crawl , so you dont need for another update to check the mobile friendliness of your page.

5.If your site fails the test but you feel that it is still mobile friendly , then please allow the google bit to crawl through your necessary files.

6.Even if your page is linked to a non mobile friendly page but your page is mobile friendly you still may pass the test.

7.More and More people now use mobiles for browsing so being mobile friendly should not be a over head but it actually be a responsible improvement

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