Wednesday 1 January 2014

Interview with Rajbir Gill

1. Your debut novel has been released recently. How did you feel just prior to the release and after the release?
Answer: - Being a helicopter pilot who has flown for twenty years I am trained to remain calm and quite in all kinds of situations, even life threatening situations. However getting a book published is a different situation, but I took the entire process in my stride. In due course of time everything fell in place and the book was launched one day. The feeling before the launch – let me wait and watch how it unfolds. After the launch - good it is launched now let me get on with the next project...its publicity and sale.

2. Why did you choose to write romantic fiction only?
Answer: - As on today I am sixty four years old, probably that is why you are asking this question. Had I been thirty years old probably you wouldn’t have asked me this question. Love as they say is the elixir of life, so it is but natural that love will find some place in most of the stories. That is the reason why my lag line states, “If it isn’t about love it is not worth writing.”

3. You were a Naval Helicopter Pilot how c
ome you opted to become a writer? 

Answer: - After all even service officers do have personal life, moreover they do interact with other like ordinary human beings. Profession is something different and it can be entirely different from a hobby. The two can be poles apart. However it is easy to slip from one to another. As everyone does delve into some hobby I opted to delve into writing.

4. When did you decide to write a book and why this story?
Answer: - I wrote this book about thirteen years back while I was posted on a ship. This story is work of fiction but it is the story of a helicopter pilot’s love affair. I could easily relate to the flying part of it. I am sure everyone can relate to the love part of it. So then one thing led to another and a story was written. I did not get time to get it published. Everything is destined to happen at the right time and right place. So one fine day I met Mr Kunal Marathe, the CEO of Author’s Empire and the book is now in print.

5. Has the story something to do with your personal life?
Answer: - No, not at all. It is work of fiction and is totally a figment of my imagination.

6. Any favourite author? Tell us about the books that you have liked?
Answer: - Wilbur Smith, MM Kaye, Dan Brown. The Far Pavilions by MM Kaye.

7. What is your future plan?

Answer: - After ‘In Pursuit of the Woman’ I am now concentrating on the Hindi translation of In Pursuit of the Woman.

8. What would you like to tell budding writers who have difficulty finding a publisher?
Answer: - Put your heart and soul into writing and then have patience. Good manuscript will get picked up. After it is picked up wait as the day will finally come when you will have your published book in your hands.

9. Would you like to share come comment about your book?
Answer: - Recently I young lady wrote a review of my book. Her one comment, “I would recommend this book to one and all,” was heartening.

10. Do you have any plans to write another novel after this book?

Answer: - I will start concentrating on my second novel after the Hindi translation work of In Pursuit of the Woman is over.

Rahul Miglani : Guys this is the first guest interview on this website and its done by our fellow blogger Dipali Sharma

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