Saturday 24 August 2013

Still Baffled by the LIOR SUCHARD SHOW | Kingdom of Dreams

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As soon as Kingdom of Dreams, India's 1st Enjoyment and Entertainment vacation spot Invited me for the unbelievable display of Mentalist  Lior Suchard show titled "Limitless Again" I was elated to say the least. I've known him and saw some news about him on TV although to see him live was the opportunity  i was surely not going to miss.Yes I finished up my meetings and went straight to see him defying the traffic situation at gurgaon.As soon as the show started I knew that he was undoubtedly a superstar a celebrity.In his very own words he calls it as supernatural entertainment.

In one of his acts he asked someone to take a dice and choose one number and for 4 consecutive times he guessed the right number without any help from anyone but just from the power of his mind.This act made the audience open their mouth in surprise But what followed in the few minutes was exceptionally supernatural. 

He gave an envelope to one of the audience member in the starting of the show and at the end of the show he asked a random audience member to come up on stage and choose one newspaper out of 13-14 , and then zeroed on a word from 1 newspaper from its one sheet from its one section.Well this would have decreased the probability of guessing the correct word to infinite but to the audience "AWE" it was the same word written in the envelope he gave in the beginning.

At one point in time , Suchard fills the 16 squares with some amounts , when he apparently hasn't guessed an original number one of the participant thought But surprise surprise , the sum of each row was actually 60 - the original number the participant thought and it did not stop there the sum of numbers came out to be 60 if the series of numbers were summed up in any direction , diagonal , horizontal or vertical.I Have no idea of just how he made it happen in just 8 and a half seconds. 

In another trick of his , A couple arrives to the stage and once the first is blindfolded plus the additional tickled, the actual blindfolded one thinks this is happening to her.Now this definitely baffled me.

Along with Suchard's climax is often a variant on what many people call up "the prediction board, " done around the world for many years. Arbitrary market members add components of details --like the mic was rolled in the crowd and people were asked to take random names or conditions , or the amount of money the actual actor names and suddenly Suchard produces some sort of mail made up of all of the facts from a well-stapled, formerly inaccessible envelope.I was baffled again that how come he would write a letter of the words said by random people in random manner in advance..

I have had seen these types of shows on TV a lot but when I saw it with my naked eyes sitting in the front few rows , I was stunned to the core.Some of his tricks were definitely astonishing and worth watching.The 90 minutes I spent there stayed in my mind for the longest time , I actually am still thinking on how did he managed to do all this. 
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Last but not the least I would love to say this , If you have not seen it , you have not seen anything.Thank you Kingdom of Dreams for the opportunity and thanks Arvind ji and Kushan ji for arranging the same.