Monday 21 July 2014

Wedding Plan for Katrina Kaif

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It was a dream come true for me and my company when we were asked to meet Katrina Kaif for a presentation on a wedding plan.We are a small company who organizes celebrity events and weeding in and around Delhi so meeting her was a bog surprise for all of us.But It soon became the happiest day of our lives when we were chosen as her wedding planner.We were over the moon but the most difficult part was that all booking and shopping had to be done in 10 days before the events would start.Our team quickly came up with Ideas and chose prepare a checklist for her to review.So below is what we have prepared and I hope she likes it when we show this to her tomorrow.

www.baggout.comBefore the Shopping we do have to finalize the below because its Delhi the Bookings have to be fast.

  • Decorator and Florist.
  • Caterer.
  • Estimate the Budget and discuss the constraints if any.
  • Venue .
  • Guest List.
  • Amount of media Persons allowed.
  • Theme Selection : Our Choice Maroon and White flowers.
  • Travel International : Thank fully we do get discounts from baggout on International Travel as well.
  • Honeymoon Destination Suggestion ,We Chose HongKong and Macau.
  • Guest Movements : The local Transport had to be organized for movements in and our of hotels to parlors and salons.We have the option of discounts here as well.
  • DJ
  • Photographers
  • Music Band
Now we have a checklist for Kat as well which we have to plan in advance.
  • Heena and Mehenadi Artist.
  • Personalized wedding card.
  • Beautician
  • Hair stylist
  • Jewelry 
  • Meeting with the caterers and Decorators for personal touch
  • Meeting with Music band and DJ for the Planning
  • Choose Pre and post wedding Clothing.
  • Wedding Day trousseau.(We prefer shopping from chandani chownk for this)
  • For the Mehendani and Sangeet ceremonies we do have casual saris.
  • For Kats close friends who do also want to wear sari in pre wedding functions we did chose the below saris because we guess they were not too heavy and yes we can surely shake a leg after putting them on as well.All these are available on baggout.
We also had a checklist for the gifts we are planing for the couple and special gift for the groom and also some personal touches to the event.
  • Gifts for Groom : We would prefer the orthodox watch (available at baggout via flipkart )for the groom After all its a desi Delhi wedding. 
  • Gifts for Groom Family.
  • Gifts for the guests.
  • Travel and movement maps for the guests.
  • Time Management and on Time arrival checks.
  • Coordination with the Pandit jis and 
  • List of Rituals to be performed : This had to be personally reviewed before we can finalize the timings of events.
  • And the colorful bedsheets and blankets for the special day.Thankfuly also available at baggout via fabfurnish.
On the Wedding Day Checklist 
  • Reconfirm arrival time from all the guests and vendors
  • Power Back up (remember Its Delhi )
  • Backup vehicles and cabs
  • Coordination with the security
  • check all security cams and devices are working
  • Pick up and Drops on Time
  • Filled up application form for wedding formalities 
  • The Bride's Travel Special Car.
  • Media persons restrictions to be followed.
  • Honey Moon Travel arrangements Ready.
After The wedding.
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  • Confirm the payments
  • Confirm the Marriage certificate Formalities.
  • Confirm the delivery of gifts and sweets.
  • Confirm the wedding day dress to be preserved,
  • Confirm the closure of all the paperwork.

PS : This post is written as part of blogging contest organized by Baggout where we were asked to be wedding planner for our favorite celebrity.


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  2. Katrina is marrying Ranbir Kapoor... They look awesome in any dress