Tuesday 25 February 2014

What to wear in Goa | Guys Guide to Fashion in Goa

http://www.jabong.com/teemper-Green-Casual-Shirts-496986.htmlWhat to wear in Goa .
Whenever we think of goa we think of something very chilled out , relaxed and colorful.

Goa is a cool mix of style, colour and comfort.However, it is also hot and humid so I would suggest you to pack lightweight clothes in natural fibres; linen, silk and cotton. They have the double benefit of being not only comfortable to wear in Goa's climate but also easy to wash.

 http://www.jabong.com/being-human-Washed-Blue-Slim-Fit-Shorts-527268.htmlThe Goans are supposed to be a bunch of happy-go-lucky people and their chilled-out attitude is reflected in the clothes they wear.Its Really cool as they say do as Romans do , The guys would not want to change their clothes again and again , so shorts are perfect for them and if they are denim shorts , they are 

even better.If you are also colorful you can go for printed colorful Shirts but with a plain Shirt like this , you can spend the whole day without bothering to change or anything. 

http://www.jabong.com/Puma-Techno-Ind-Black-Floaters-187817.htmlhttp://www.jabong.com/mtv-Black-Sunglasses-125881.htmlThe sunglasses are an absolute must to wear, so make sure you take them with you.Not only will they protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun reflecting off the things, but they’ll also make you look hip and trendy. Buy the one that suits your face and that offers UV protection also.I always chose Aviators for my broad face but you should only take the one you love.

Floaters are a must when we talk about roaming on and off the beach the whole day , these are not only comfertable but also quite trendy.No one in their right mind would wear covered shoes to a beachside destination anyway So get set for your travel to goa ,Pack a bag of light weight clothes , and enjoy your holidays.

To sum it up - Stay Extremely cool,relaxed,colorful and casual.

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