Sunday, 9 March 2014

Interview with Author Terrill Davis of the Authonomy

Tell us something about yourself
I remember being young and I would read a book.  Some books I loved so much that I would wait for a second part.  And while I waited I would imagine how it would go.  Then the saddest part would happen, most of the time there was no second book.   So what about these visions I have, I would wait for someone to write about them.  But sadly, no one has done it yet.  Some have come close, but it still wasn’t the same story.  So I finally figured around the age of thirty, (yea I was a late bloomer,) that if these stories are going to be told, I would have to do it.

Your Blog and your Website has done wonders for my writing.  I have never had a formal class.  I am somewhat self-taught.   I say somewhat since I got a lot of advice to improve my writing from fellow writers, from my writers guild, and from the good people of Authonomy.   Without you folks I would be nothing, right now I’m potential I would say.

Your Experience
Authonomy has a rather unique rating system and I say unique because to me it seems to be missing the key gate keepers, which is good and bad at the same time.  The editors Desk is reached when you get ranked 1 thru 5 and you stay there for 30 days.  Which is okay.  But you get there by ratings and backings of fellow Authonmites.   Which that is okay as well.  Here is where the problem lies, when folks back books just for the exchange of backing their book as well.  The key is we are all trying so hard to reach that desk and through sheer popularity it is possible for pure garbage to reach the desk.  I’m not saying this has happened but the possibility seems to exist.  I’ve been offered several times to exchange backings just to exchange them.  No reads necessary.  I don’t participate in them because I want to know if I truly belong in the same categories’ as Stephen King or Dean Koontz.   I want to know I belong with other writers, not just want to say I wrote a book.

More like what do I not do for a day job, lol.  I work as the assistant manager for a gas station convenience store full time.  I also work for a Telemarketing firm fulltime.  My third fulltime job is my wife and I own a store at the flea market in Beaumont, TX.  It’s only open on weekends but there is enough work during the week to prepare for the weekend coming.  Then we have the launch of my wife’s blog to where I am a constant contributor.  We also have a designer lotion line that we will soon have a website for.  Right now they are available at  under the nice and natural tab.  I am also currently marketing all our family ventures throughout the week.  (Wow a rather workaholic, lol)

I am a big Stephen King fan.  A friend once told me you know when you are getting old when you reading habits switch.  I now read more nonfiction than fiction.  So lately John C. Maxwell has been on the nightstand.  Just got his five levels of leadership on my kindle.  I just recently got Halo of the damned and A True Thug Wilsin.  I’ll get to reading them when time permits.

What’s your Writing style like?
I made myself a deadline.  I hope to have Angel complete by August 31, 2012.  I want it done by the summer so I can market it in the fall.  This may seem like a bad strategy since my book will miss Xmas sales but I believe a lot is marketed during the summer in hopes of Xmas sales which means a publisher may not give your manuscript the right amount of attention it deserves and you may get rejected when you shouldn’t have.  A true fact, Stephen King was rejected three times before someone said yes to Carrie and look what that spawned.

How do you come up with content, do you have lots of it?

No.  Now this is where I still need practice as a writer.  I hate doing queries and I hate writing pitches.  But both are necessary tools in the marketing of a finished manuscript.  I have purchased books on how to write a query.  I have sent off some queries for other projects I have written in the past and got no response.  I am somewhat glad of it, because honestly I wasn’t ready.  If those books were published I guarantee they would be found at Dollar Tree or in the dollar bin at your favorite bookstore.  My writing then was so not what it is today.  And today I still need some work. 

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  1. If it happened to Stephen King, being rejected that is, I guess it can happen to bus all. Enjoyed the interview.